Old School Coaches!

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"These days, you often hear players/coaches and parents refer to certain coaches being “old school”. I often wondered what this actually means. In most cases, yes they are older by age, however this often also means they have been around the block a few times, made many mistakes, seen an awful lot and finally figured this whole puzzle out.

I recently asked a very good friend of mine who is almost always referred to as an old schooler what he actually thought this meant to him. Some of his thoughts, the modern coach would find very hard to understand:

1) Hard work and perspiration – modern day coaches are afraid to push as they live in fear of losing the student. Old schooler’s challenge, push, demand certain values from their students.

2) BASICS – get the basics correct. Modern day coaches love to compare strokes, movements and chart everything their player does on a daily basis. Old schoolers are obsessed in getting the basics nailed.

3) Go figure it out – Old schoolers don’t give out prescriptions, they encourage players to learn and understand the game for themselves. They allow the players to grow their own mind and belief in their OWN tennis. Modern day coaches LOVE to tell their players EVERYTHING. This leads to the player only knowing what the coach knows and this is never enough.

4) Matches – old schoolers love their players to be able to return to their training environment and share their experiences of recent matches, showing their growing understand of journey they are on. Modern day coaches follow their players all over trying to make sure their player never slips up and always ready to provide their view on their players match play.

5) Discipline – Old schoolers love discipline. Modern day coaches love STRUCTURE.

6) Old schoolers encourage players to look outside and inside of themselves. Modern day coaches love to put people in, and tick boxes. Old school coaches may well be old, but many of them have evolved in the sport they know so well."